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Alden & Harlow: trendy domestic kitchen table in Cambridge

Alden & Harlow is a new trendy restaurant in Cambridge, very close to Harvard Square.

The chef, Michael Scelfo, brings the american products and traditions in a modern and cozy environment.

The menu changes seasonally but not the concept behind every dish.

Something that you will always find in the menu is the Secret burger: a juicy smoked burger patty in a house-baked bun.

The real plus is its smoky taste.

The privilege is not reserved to many people as it's on limited availability and soon 'out of stock'.

Tip: Don't forget to add a poached egg on top to add a creamy touch to it!


Brandade caramelle!

This candy-shaped #pasta reminds me of a famous Sicilian dish: pasta with sardines!

For this recipe, kudos to the Chef and his creative usage of black garlic, paired together with boquerones, which replaced the sardines, and of course the inevitable bread crumbs.

One curiosity: people in Sicily have started using breadcrumbs on pasta to replace the more expensive grated Parmesan or Caciocavallo!

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