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James Hook: my favorite lobster roll in town

The U.S. east coast and in particular the Boston area are known worldwide for a wide selection of oysters, lobster roll, crabs and seafood in general.

Lobster roll is usually served in 2 version: one cold where the lobster has been boiled, chopped and served with a mayo-type sauce and one warm where the lobster is finally cooked in butter.

Both the 2 versions deserve to be try but my favorite is without a doubt the cold one, especially if served in a soft but lightly crunchy bun.

I tried many restaurants and bars and my top recommendation goes for James Hook, a fisherman based in the center of Boston.

Since it is not a restaurant, it is not opened in the evening and on Sunday.

Take then the opportunity to have stroll and a break with one of the best lobster rolls in town!

Fresh, simple and perfectly balanced.

Directly from fisherman's net to the bun!

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