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Polcari's coffee: spices and coffee!

The North End is the neighborhood that hosted the Italian immigration in Boston.

Entering Salem St. or Hanover St. makes you immediately understand what Italians focused the most once arrived on the East Coast preparing food!

Salem and Hanover St. are indeed a succession of restaurants named after Italian surnames and common words (with very few exceptions).

Among these restaurants, at the corner between Salem St and Parmenter St, there is an historical grocery shop called Polcari's Coffee.

Anthony Polcari started the store in 1932 and worked there with his wife and children.

Now the store is owned by Bobby Eustace, who took over the business from Anthony's son, Ralph in 2005.

The store is a paradise of fresh spices, flour, coffee beans, candies... there is probably no better place in Boston to find a way to enhance your dishes or try new flavors!

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