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Maria's pastry shop: the sun of South of Italy in Boston

Mike's Pastry is largely considered the best pastry shop in Boston.

His shops are in both Boston and Cambridge offering traditional Italian pastries, such as sicilian cannoli, but also Apple pies, Boston Cream Pies and cupcakes.

It is very common to see its white boxes with blue letters and ribbons everywhere in the city. Interestingly, in its logo there is a crown, almost to underline his position of King Mike.

Well, personally I have a different opinion on the best Italian pastry shop in Boston and assign the crown to an old lady, Maria, located in North End: her cannoli are good (still not comparable to the flavor of the sicilian ricotta) but her sfogliatelle riccie are even better!

The curly sfogliatella (or lobster tail) is traditionally from Naples and is filled with orange-flavored ricotta, and/or candied peel of citron.

Thanks Maria for bringing the sun of Naples into the American breakfast.

Viva la sfogliatella!

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