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The Dead rabbit: one of the best cocktail bars in the world

The Dead rabbit was named best bar in the U.S. and the 2nd best in the world in 2015.

The magic happens upstairs, in the parlor, so, upon your arrival, make sure to talk to the gentleman standing at the beginning of the stairs and book a table.

While waiting, feel free to kill time in the taproom, where the atmosphere is still great and cocktails are very good too (ask for the old fashioned).

Upstairs, You will have the opportunity to choose among 64 different cocktails, 8 shaken and 8 stirred per season.

The fall section is personally my favorite and in particular the Pub Thug and the Spell Spoke, both whiskey based..

The menu in any case is so rich that the choice is just up to your taste and mood!

PS. In case you feel hungry, do not miss the deviled eggs: not sure it was because I was tipsy after 6 hours of sipping cocktails or because they were just delicious, but I devoured them!

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