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Morandi: pici al limone!

People who know Hungry Italian in Town, know that he is not a big fan of Italian restaurants outside Italy.

The reason is simple: most of the places are only 'offensive' imitations of the Italian culinary tradition. When they are not, in most of the cases, the quality of ingredients is not comparable.

For this reason, better to eat something else, more local and certainly more authentic.

Morandi was a bit of an exception. The place reminds of a local trattoria with its colors consumed by the past of time. Prices will bring you back to New York's West Village.

When I looked at the menu, my eyes immediately fell on probably the simplest (and at the same time, most honest) dish on the menu: pici al limone, handmade rolled spaghetti (originally from Tuscany) served with lemon juice, black pepper and parmesan.

All in this dish is about the thickness of the pasta (and the homogeneous cooking) and the balanced acidity of the lemon.

I didn't try other dishes (I do not know if it was a good choice), but if you feel like eating pasta and Morandi is your choice, then do not do a mistake and order the pici!

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