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Townsman: hot pick in South Station

Esquire included Townsman among the best new restaurants in the USA in 2015.

If it really is, then one of the reasons must be its beef tartare, probably one of the best I've ever had.

The particularity of this dish, apart from the freshness of the ingredients, is its smell.

In particular, my nose captured a note of roasted peppers... but they are not in the dish, and the menu mentions only confit egg yolk and gribiche...

Still, the chef Matthew Jennings must know the secret!


Another recommended dish is a marinated yellowfin with smoked cashew, cranberries and fennel.

Once combined with sour cranberries soaked in lemon or lime juice this dish tends to become too citric in taste, which would be my only remark.

Yet, thumbs up for the freshness and elegant plating!

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