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Tiger Mama: a southeast Asian experience

Tiger Mama is the new Boston restaurant of Tiffany Faison (Top Chef).

It mixes southeast cuisines of Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam with a personal American touch.

The result is in most of the cases very fresh and light, but at the same time it can be sweet and spicy.

This is the case for example for this lobster roll, served with a spicy peanut dipping sauce, or the lamb roti, a brickfields spiced & braised lamb, crispy roti, served with holy basil raita and mint cilantro jam.


If you go there with a larger group do not hesitate and order a banquet style Tiger Duck: a marinated, smoked & fried duck, served with chili mayo, tamarind chutney and a herb basket served with some kind of very buttery English muffin.

The tamarind and the herbs make a delicious combination, sweet, bitter but overall very fresh.

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