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Oleana: an Eastern Mediterranean feast

Oleana is probably one of the best restaurants in Boston.

Differently from other restaurants in the area, where chefs leave the impression of missing something, at Oleana fresh ingredients are exalted and tastes are finely balanced, with the use of a proper technique.

The selection of meze (small plates) is influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine, in particular Greek and Turkish.

The wine list presents interesting grapes - e.g. a Sicilian white frappato - at a very affordable price (rarity in Boston).

Hors-menu we tried a perfectly cooked duck, served with a pistachio broth - the highlight of the dish -, lentils, carrots and barberry.


The second dish that we would like to highlight is a Vermont quail kebob, served with pistachios and barberries.

Also this time, cooking was impeccable!

Duck and quail are different types of meat but bring along similar difficulties:

1. the longer the cooking, the bigger the risk to lose their tenderness and juices;

2. there is always a temptation to add in other ingredients to mitigate the strong flavor of the meat, which at the same time alters its uniqueness...

Luckily, it wasn't at all the case with this dish!

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