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Retrobottega: gastro lab in the center of Rome

Last-minute booking on a Saint Valentine weekend can be a nightmare, especially in a wonderful city like Rome.

But Retrobottega accepts walk-ins and, if you are lucky enough, you will be awarded with a table and a rich Roman cuisine.

Among other things, we tried spaghetti with octopus ragout, served with a bitter twist of rucola and the ever-present parmesan. Buon appetito!


The CarciOvo is a delicious artichoke 'a la romana' that hides a creamy heart of egg and pecorino.

A few simple ingredients, each one of them playing a specific role.

The pecorino provides a natural salty boost to the dish, the bread biscuit adds the missing crunchiness, while the egg glues everything together.

Being very different from the more famous and traditional 'carciofi alla giudea' you can eat in Rome, this variation definitely deserves a try.

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