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Berlin / Crackers: french vibes in the center of Berlin

In Friedrichstraße in Berlin, just behind the corner of Westin Grand hotel, there is a French-inspired restaurant, called Crackers.

The décor is in line with Berlin's alternative yet sophisticated spirit, while the witty part comes when you walk through the entrance and suddenly find yourself in the kitchen

No worries, you haven't missed the doors!

Inside you will have a chance to choose among a wide range of appetizers and mains - from meat, fish and veggie plates.

No crazy combinations or experiments, but everything is fresh and cooked by the book.

A special mention goes to the lamb chops: red inside out as it should be, covered with perfectly caramelized cherry tomatoes and lightly bitter herbs... a proper gourmet treat!


Portobello is a highly versatile brown mushroom, 'big brother' (or sister... as it's also known as 'portobella') of the smaller crimini mushroom. The version served at Crackers is a tempura accompanied by sweet potato mash, tandoori and wild herbs.

Despite their very appreciated endeavor to offer quality ingredients, I'd still like to address a few points on Crackers:

1. If you decide to offer a short selection of dishes, you must then ensure the presence of them all until the very last order (often, we were told that a specific dish was no longer available);

2. It's a matter of courtesy to offer a glass of champagne (or other drink) to your guests if their waiting time to be seated is not just a few minutes (and 40 mins is not).

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