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Breakfast market in Eisenbahnstraße

Every third Sunday of the month, Markthalle Neun is transformed into a huge breakfast market!

A wide selection of croissants, donuts, eggs benedict, arepas, tacos, oysters, pork belly, to satisfy all kinds of palates and tastes.

On the left side of the hall, at Sun Day Burgers, you will have an opportunity to try a delicious vegan raw cake, made with avocado, lime, buchwheat and coconut.

Don't miss it on Sunday!


Another MUST from The Future Breakfast worth queuing for: apart from being very lavish, this particular eggs benedict was a very pleasant palatable experience.

Prepared before your very eyes, wrapped in a fresh Sironi Bakery bun (one of the best bakery in Berlin) and rounded with a touch of a fresh salad, made this egg to be eaten in a very few bites!

TIP: consider adding bacon on top!

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