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A rainbow of vegetarian flavors

Hidden in the back side of The Westin Grand, Cookies Cream is the perfect restaurant to satisfy your vegetarian wishes in an 'unfinished' industrial design and do a favor to your eyes (but not your wallet) with great plating.

Personally, what I find interesting about vegetarian restaurants, is the opportunity to discover new ingredients and the constant effort to exalt products.

This dish for example, greatly plated, has topinambur as 'main character', accompanied by watercress, sunflower seeds and mustard.


Probably the most impressive dish at Cookies Cream was a seaweed caviar served on a green spread of cheese. The result is very mild and well balanced except for the bergamot gelatin that brings a bit too much acidity on the plate.


At the end the meal one of the greatest Italian products, Parmesan, skillfully disguised as a dumpling, served with an artichokes cream. Not a mind blowing dish but a perfect compromise to sum up the flavors and the discoveries of the night!

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