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The flavors and colors of Peru

Spring or summer time is ceviche time!

One of the most refreshing dishes from Peru is this lime marinated fish, served with onions, chili and cilantro. Having a simple yet very unique taste, ceviche is becoming very popular since last year.

Chicha brought this peculiar Peruvian taste to German's capital, adding a personal touch made of sweet potatoes and corn!

The setting of the restaurant is very nice and convivial, enriched by the warm colors of South America and the bitter notes of an excellent pisco sour.


Another authentic flavor from the warm Latin America into the welcoming and colorful space of the Chicha is the arroz chaufa, a fried rice dish, result of Chinese influence.

It is usually cooked in a wok at very high flame and served with veggies, egg, beef or pork.

This specific version combines bbq pork and shrimps.

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