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Following the rabbit down the hole

Fairytale is probably one of the best cocktail bars we have ever tried.

At the entrance, you will be welcomed by an elf and will enter a magical place, inspired by the adventures of Alice in wonderland.

The opening of the cocktail menu will disclose the first of many surprises this place reserves to its guests - no, I will not spoil this one.

Following the steps of Alice, the end of the book will hide a second surprise, a small amaretto cake - will it make you bigger or smaller? - and a vial, containing a few sips of a cocktail chosen by the masterful skills of the host, Mathieu.

The selected one for the night was Mogli - each cocktail is named after the main character of a fairytale - based on zacapa rum, old grog, chocolate bitter and Belmont estate coconut.

Another surprise of this magical place was for me the discovery of a great rum, the Mermaid, produced in Berlin and extremely rich in its powerful mix of spices.

Thanks Fairytale and thank you Mathieu for a wonderful night.

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