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An (unneeded) triumph of mayo

Last week was the last one I spent in Berlin, therefore the last chance to discover its culinary spots.

On Mondays, many places are closed, but it is not the case for Martha's, in the Schöneberg area.

The restaurant is nice, cozy and surrounded by an interesting crowd.

The menu contains dishes able to satisfy any palate, from omnivores to vegans. The kitchen is small and may cause some delays in the food delivery - but at least, in our case, a small bite was offered.

We tried different dishes and the combination of ingredients was always quite interesting but there was a big minus that we have to highlight: almost every single dish contained some kind of mayo... Mayo, mayo and again mayo. I had it in 3 dishes in a row!

Mayo was always the 'too much' on the plate. Making the dish fat and more difficult to eat.

Look at the Octopussy for example (great name by the way): the octopus was perfectly cooked, soft and easy to cut; the lemon foam was there to give acidity to the seafood; the crostini to provide a pinch of spicy and a bite of crunchiness to balance the softness of the octopus; the green leaf to refresh your mouth.

What is the role of mayo here? No one. Potentially a very good dish... It is a pity!


The lamb instead was very good. No mayo this time but full space to a well cooked meat, an interesting cube of wheat and combination with okra. A good dish.

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