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A cozy wine hub

Before leaving Berlin, I had time for a quick stop Cordobar, a wine bar located in one of the city's most lively neighborhoods.

Perceived as a hidden Chefs hub, apart from creativity and knowledge in bio wines, this place certainly stands out for its small bites.

One that definitely tickled our taste buds was the black pudding pizza: although the dough remains a mystery, the topping was made of beetroot, not too spicy fresh wasabi sauce, successfully married to horseradish and accompanied by chives and feta.

When I come to a new place, I usually ask the waiter/bartender for tips.

And here comes the only minus: the recommendation, I guess for a pure coincidence, was always towards the most expensive wine in the list...

I totally understand and support the fact that price goes together with quality, but I would expect more explanation about the recommended wine (and not just get it poured in my glass) and maybe something that has a better quality/price ratio.

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