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"The key of everything": Part I

Dear readers, we spent few weeks this summer traveling around my homeland, Sicily, collecting food recommendations and gaining a few kilos - please make sure to take this into account while planning a trip to this beautiful island!

We will walk you through a fascinating mix of cultures and ingredients, starred restaurants and homey trattorias. We will start the first part of our journey from Trapani, located on the west part of the island.

We will then proceed with Palermo (my hometown) and its surroundings, drive through the valley of temples to end up in Licata, kingdom of the starred chef Pino Cuttaia, and enjoy a local breakfast in Marina di Ragusa first thing in the morning.

After Marina di Ragusa, it will be time for the second part of our tour, through all the beauties of the east coast.

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

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