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Milan / Dry: the coolest pizza in Milan

Dry is probably one of my favorite place in Milan. The crowd is always very interesting and the place is great for a fancy night outs.

The owner is Chef Andrea Berton, one of the most decorated chefs in Milan.

It offers very good Neapolitan pizza, whole grain focaccia and flavorsome cocktails within a trendy and lively set up.

Here you will have an opportunity to choose among different focaccia toppings, while without a doubt one of the best is vitello tonnato: a traditional Piedmontese dish, combination of sliced veal and tuna cream.

Absolutely a must!


Regarding the pizzas, apart for the traditional ones, Dry offers fresh and seasonal ingredients.

The one we tried combines green asparagus and poached quail eggs.

Small tip: break the eggs before eating and spread the yolks on your pizza.

Buon appetito!

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