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[CHEF CHANGED] Marzapane: a young spanish lady chef

Alba Esteve Ruiz: a young and talented Spanish chef in Rome, the Capitol of Italy, the city where carbonara and matriciana lead the scene.

But taste has no boundaries and the respect of ingredients is a universal language among talented chef.

Alba cooks smiling, as you can spot from the 'open' kitchen of a bistrot-style restaurant, where stone, wood and linen capture the eyes.

Guests are offered with 3 menus, very generous and relatively affordable - starting from 39 euros. We tried the Menu Alba, probably the one that better summarizes the marriage between the Italian and Spanish tradition.

We started our 'tour' with a tuna bruschetta... Just take a bite!


The second dish we want to highlight is one of the most famous, and probably, one of the best of the menu: risotto with French butter, anchovies from Cantabrian Sea and candied ginger.

A great balance of tastes: milky, salty, sweet.


The most iconic of the Roman dishes: carbonara!

One of the most famous Italian dish in the world and, unfortunately in most of the cases, proposed abroad in a version that it is not slightly close to the Italian concept.

Chef Alba proposes her version of the carbonara, fully respecting the tradition and very generous with flavors.

I suffer salt a bit and this dish contained a bit too much for my tastes but overall great execution.


Finally the dessert!

A very enjoyable and fresh millefeullie, with its liquorice taste, the caramelized white chocolate and maldon's salt!

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