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Marina di Ragusa / The first granita of the trip at Caffè delle Rose!

The last post of the first part of the tour goes merrily to pear ricotta granita!

Was not the lack of love for granita that made us wait for it this long, on contrary, the best granitas you can find in Sicily are located in the eastern part of the island. And Marina di Ragusa was a perfect place for the grand granita opening.

Granita is a semi-frozen, crystalline textured dessert made from sugar, water and various flavorings. It originates from Sicily, where it can be found as a common breakfast treat, always accompanied by a fresh brioche, simply meant to be chipped with hands and used as a spoon!

The one we opted for was a combination of frisky, chunky pear and smooth and creamy ricotta. The two made a perfect match to sugar and refresh a hot sunny day!

TIP: We kindly advise you to stop the waiter in case he tries to add a chocolate syrup in your glass. Keep it simple and indulge in granita flavors! In our case this lesson came too late after we politely accepted the topping

P.S. Tomorrow we will unveil the Part II of our culinary chronicles around Sicily. Stay tuned folks!

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