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Modica / Lolli with dried beans at La Rusticana

The second part of our tour started in the sky, among the stars of chef Ciccio Sultano.

Now it is time to go back to the earth level to homage the job of many people, who wake up every day to open their kitchen and offer food to random strangers who walk their doors.

Among these people, and the memories of our trip, the smile of Mr. Giannone, an affable middle aged man, attentive and humble host who serves the local food prepared by the strong hands of the wife, on simple checkered tablecloths.

The starter cannot be more traditional with sun-dried tomatoes and local dry sausage.

But the masterpiece is the lolli con fave - lolli with dried beans - a tick homemade pasta, homogeneously cooked and rich in proteins.

A dish representative of the Modica culinary tradition, available every day of the year.

Unmissable when in town, together with the ravioli with ricotta, cooked in the pork ragout, or the grilled meat meatball - polpette di carne arrosto -, a mix of veal and pork, served with caciocavallo and bread crumbs. A true delicacy.

Ps. In case you wish to eat a salad, please yourself with a simple tomato salad, served with a genuine olive oil and basil!

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