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Modica / The best chocolate in the world at Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

The title of this post wants to be a bit provocative but it is not too far from reality.

The Antica Dolceria Bonajuto is a shop that produces chocolate and pastries since 1880.

Chocolate is still produced according to the Aztecs tradition, with a mass of semi-ground cocoa, heated at low temperature - to prevents sugar crystals from melting.

The result is a sandy but crunchy chocolate, that preserves the flavors and does not assume the addition of butter and other fat elements.

The pastries are the result of the Arabic and Spanish domination of the islands.

One of the best example is the 'mpanatigghi - the biscuit on top of the tray in the picture: its origins goes back to the XVI century and the Spanish domination, where chocolate was mixed with meat to preserve it. A perfectly balanced mix with a unique - but still very mild - taste.

Ps. The tray of pastries is part of a tasting offered at Bonajuto for only 3 euros! Despite the superb quality, their chocolate bars are very affordable too and are shipped wherever in the world.

Note: the last product of the 'collection' is called Maris: a chocolate praline prepared with sea weed and bottarga. An absolute delicacy, perfect for a fish dinner. We also strongly recommend to try the 1880 pralines and the 100% dark chocolate.

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