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Riserva di Vendicari / Eating watermelon

Few kilometers from Marzamemi, direction Siracusa, there are some of the most amazing beaches of the Sicilian east coast.

We would like to mention two among the others: San Lorenzo, a long sandy beach close to Marzamemi and Calamosche, a sea garden in the natural park of Vendicari.

The latter one can be reached after a sweaty 20 mins walk compensated with a jump in the sea.

The way back does not foresee any sea but a refreshing stop in an oasis, called Oasi della Frutta, where to enjoy the products of the private garden, as a sweet slice of watermelon (we were advised to add few drops of lemon) or a fruit salad.

The welcoming was very nice: the young lady owning the garden with her husband welcomed every single guest with a smile and extremely good manners, a bit in contrast with the simple set up of the plastic tables: it does not matter if you are serving food in a starred restaurant or in a garden in the countryside. A smile, a nice word, kindness improve customer experience and leave always pleasant memories.

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