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Ortigia (SR) / Sicilia in Tavola: An honest dish of pasta

Ortigia is the historical city center of Siracusa, its Ancient Greek heart, a small island located in the south east part of the city.

In the past it was one of the main cities of the Magna Graecia, chosen for its 'proximity' to the Hellenic world and the natural boundaries that made it difficult to conquer.

Ortigia was also the hometown of the extraordinary mathematician Archimede, killed during the Roman invasion of the island in 212 BC, despite the order given to the soldier not to harm the scientist.

The cathedral is one of the best example where the 2 main historical periods of the city (the Hellenic and the Roman) are combined.

It is in fact a religious building realized by Romans, but using the skeleton of the already existing Greek temple. A must to visit when in Ortigia.

The other must, at least in the hungry italian in town agenda, is food.

Ortigia is quite a touristic place with many restaurants spread in the narrow streets.

The choice for this reason can be tricky. Our choice fell on a simple and small restaurant called Sicilia in tavola, specialized in fresh pasta and with a more than decent wine list.

Despite the long menu, we decided to try the pasta of the day: spaghetti alla chitarra with clams, calamari and courgette flowers.

Nice texture, light but flavorful with the crunchy flowers not lost in the dish.

Ps. Try as well the cavatelli with swordfish and eggplant: a Sicilian specialty!

Note: the restaurant is English friendly, being signaled by the Lonely Planet, but for the same reason is recommended to book in advance.

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