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Santa Maria la Scala (CT) / Trattoria la Grotta: Eating the sea

If you go closer to the picture, you could probably smell the sea...

We are in Santa Maria La Scala, small fisherman village on the slopes of Mount Aetna, the highest (and active) volcano in Europe.

30 km away from the mouth of the volcano, the sky is clear from clouds and the only noise is the sound of the beach pebbles trampled by the footsteps of the few individuals enjoying the sun in the marina.

La Grotta is an extremely small restaurant (4 tables) located in a lava stone cave. During the summer season, clients have the opportunity to book a table in the terrace in front of the restaurant.

The small door of the entrance will bring you immediately in front of the fish counter where the order is taken: without any doubt go for the sea salad (lightly warm because cooked immediately after), pasta with squid ink or with sea cicada.

The sea cicada is so fresh that grabbing the shell left on the plate and start exploring where the last pieces of meat are hidden is an inevitable pleasure that will leave a true salty taste of sea on your lips.

Final price depends on the weight of the fish ordered.

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