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Taormina (ME) / Sipping gin at Metropole

The beautiful #taormina is the last stop of our Sicilian trip (sigh), a balcony on the Mediterranean Sea facing the forge of Prometeo, the majestic Mount Etna.

Some of the nights, when the volcano is awake, earth and sky play with each other: sprays of magma break the dark blue of the sky, while the moon is busy painting the sea with its reflected white light.

Taormina is as well one the most fashionable place of the island, sometimes snobbish and pretentious, but damn sexy.

The bar/restaurant of the Hotel Metropole is probably one of the best places to get the flavor of the town: spoiled guests, a service not fully able to guide you through the long list of gin, the wonderful non canonic ceramic heads of Maestro Saro Russotti and a breathtaking view!

Ps. Most of the gin bottles are London dry so the best way to honor them is a cocktail martini.


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