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Taormina (ME) / Bam Bar: last granita of the trip

So many bites we have had during this trip and still we simply can't get enough.

Having Taormina as our last road trip stopover we are not thinking twice but going straight to what suppose to be the best granita in the city.

After a few spoon dips and brioche smudges we came to a simple conclusion - the granita at Bambar is first of all done with natural ingredients, in respect of seasonality of the products, very rich in flavor and portion, heavenly milky in some case or usually icy cold yet tick enough to allow you to taste it very well and not have your teeth freeze.

However, we couldn't skip one complaint and that was the service.

Yes, Bambar is crowded and super busy day and night but it doesn't justify the arrogance, rudeness and roughness of its waiters.

Was it only the one we ran across to or more, this trend of being impolite and edgy seemed quite present as an attitude among the staff.

Yet, granita was just too good to be spoilt by moody waiters.

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