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Cave à fromages: unforgettable Roquefort

There are a couple of reasons to focus on the station neighborhood: to give some guidance to business travelers (especially bankers) that often visit Luxembourg and have their hotel booked close to the station (where banks and transports are); the fact that there are some hidden gems and the spirit is constantly evolving thanks to new business activities.

The first time I entered the Cave à fromages, I immediately understood I was in the right place.

The opening of the door generated a cheese gust that brought me back to a room where my grandfather used to keep a small supply of seasoned pecorino.

Small is not the adjective that I would use for this place, as the selection counts more than 160 cheeses, a wide range of fine charcuterie (basque ham and coppa among my favorite), bio bread and numerous bottles of wine covering all the regions in France.

The owner, Pierre Avon, Maitre Fromager, is an unstoppable source of knowledge about cheeses, wines and their combination. Just religiously trust him and you will not regret.

His started his career as a shepherd in the French mountains and ended up as a Maître Fromager, collaborating with the largest professionals in Paris (Alain Dubois, Gérard Pascaud, Androuet).

He came to Luxembourg for the first time in 2000, on a request of a traiteur, to set up a cheese shop in the city center - that we will review for you soon. In 2010, he finally decided to open his own shop, at the number 1 of Rue Bender.

Ps. You cannot leave the shop without having tried the Roquefort: only 3 suppliers in France produce it according to the canons (the mildews generate on bread wheels that are located inside specific caves and then transferred to the cheese). You will not forget it easily with its creaminess, the soft granularity and the persistent flavor.

The shop serves lunch during the weekdays and is opened until 10 PM on Thursday and Friday.

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