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Crossfire: a Swedish sport bar

Crossfire is a Swedish sport bar, completely renovated in 2015, perfect location for the Champions League matches on Tuesday/Wednesday or the Premier League during the weekend.

Compared to most of the bars in Luxembourg, where only local beers are available (Bofferding, Battin, Simon and Diekirch), the selection of beers is extremely interesting and changes often (from pills to IPAs, from Germany to Denmark).

Their burgers are probably among the best in town and are available in 3 different sizes according to the hunger or level of hungover (in both the 2 cases, the large one is really too much).

My favorite one is the Diablo (mid-size) prepared with chili sauce, jalapeños, bacon, cheddar and pico de gallo - a mix of coriander, onion, tomato, lime juice and chili. It is a spicy burger but not excessive.

Ps. Do not go for burgers on Sundays. The bread is the one from the day before and you will not be able to enjoy it at fullest.

Tip. If you really want to try the Luxembourgish draught beers, go for Simon, Diekirch Grand Cru (also available at Crossfire) or Battin Gambrinus. Among the beers in bottles, try instead Red Bridge and Okult.

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