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Paname: the best cocktails in town?

Paname is a very successful cocktail bar, recently opened in 2016 in Place de Paris.

The atmosphere and the vibes are simply great: it reminds me a lot of some modern Parisian bars, with its outside tables placed on the sidewalk, the industrial set up, the hipster look of the bartenders and the crowd of attractive young professionals - yes, I'm including myself too - who sip cocktails and beers at the bar.

The best night to go is probably on Thursday, but overall during the weekends and sunny days getting a table may be quite difficult.

They produce their own blonde beer (Paname), very enjoyable, easy to drink and incredibly cheap, but cocktails are a must and in particular the 'Where I come from', a vodka based cocktail with strawberry juice and thyme.

Color and ingredients may let you think that we are talking about a Ladies drink, but the vodka keeps its nice punch when mixed with freshly squeezed strawberries (and not syrup) while the thyme adds a refreshing herbal note. Absolutely to be tried!

PS. Currently, the 'Where I come from' is not on the menu, but available upon request!

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