Risso: the first neapolitan pizzeria in Luxembourg

Risso is the first neapolitan pizzeria in Luxembourg that started its operations in January 2016.

It's a relatively small place and often very busy, therefore booking in advance is highly recommended.

Tradition is the key: the staff speaks Neapolitan (with French incursions and macaronic English), the wall behind the counter is religiously devoted to Maradona, while asking to add mozzarella on the pizza napoletana is equivalent to committing a crime...

Everything reminds of Naples, including the affordable prices - a margherita costs 7.5 euros, below the Luxembourgish average and comparable only to Bella Napoli, another very decent pizzeria in the station neighborhood.

My recommendation is to go for the salsiccia and friarielli (rapini or broccoli raab/rabe) - an authentic homage to Naples with its slight bitter taste - or the Napoletana, done with tomato sauce, anchovies, capers, olives and olive oil.

Personally, I consider the dough the best part of the Neapolitan pizza - and this one reproduces it 'almost' perfectly.

I said 'almost' because one of the main characteristics of this type of pizza is the chewy dough and the ability to completely fold it.

Risso's one results in slightly crunchier and a bit heavier dough. The reason is usage of an electric oven with lava stone instead of a wood-fired one (new wood-fired oven are forbidden by EU regulations).

Note: a regular pizza loaf is usually 150 gr, the neapolitan one 250 gr. Risso's one is 350 gr because of the longer cooking time required by the oven.

P.S. In 2015, I had an opportunity to collaborate with Daniel Young for the Luxembourg section on its insightful and worldwide successful guide 'Where to eat pizza', the bible of pizzerias around the globe, published by Phaidon.

Being opened only since 2016, Risso is not mentioned in the list but it would fully deserve it!

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