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New York City | Mr Taka Tamen: from Tokyo with ramen

Mr Taka is the New York noodle soup restaurant of Tokyo chef Takatoshi Nagara, already holder of a Michelin Bib Gourmand mention.

This modern, wooden and cozy place is located in the Lower East Side and it probably one of the 3 best ramen of the Big Apple.

The open kitchen will give you the opportunity to enjoy different smells before the bowl is placed under your nose and observe the 'alchemist' capabilities of the cook mixing pork, chicken or fish broth with spices and other ingredients.

Another moment that the eye should not miss - to fully enjoy the meal - is the curing and cooking (with torch) of the pork belly slice... the grilling fat will make you dream about the addition to your dish.

I strongly recommend the Spicy Tonkotsu with the addition of egg and spicy paste: you will be surprised by how creamy the pork broth gets and will enjoy the light smoky note of the pork belly and the black garlic oil!

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