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Cask & Trotter: smiley BBQ place

Cask & Trotter is a friendly BBQ spot in South Lake Union.

Before mentioning food, something that particularly impressed me was the kindness of the staff and the willingness to accommodate my request for a quick bite at a very early lunch time.

The place smells more like a pub than a BBQ restaurant: the smell of beer is indeed strong but not at all unpleasant.

The menu offers a long selection of sliders and sandwiches starring BBQ classics and burger options as well as a tempting pork rib plate...

Unfortunately I had the opportunity to try only the beef brisket sandwich but it gave me a good hint of the capabilities in mastering the art of grilling of this cozy restaurant. The beef brisket was indeed juicy, lightly smoked and not overwhelming with sauces...

If you have the opportunity go there and try their entrees. I'm curious to hear your feedback!

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