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100 pound clam: fish and chips on Lake Union

On South Lake Union’s prime waterfront, Dan Bugge, owner of the famous Matt's in the Market and Radiator Whiskey, opened two new restaurants in 2016: The 100 Pound Clam and The White Swan Public House.

The 100 Pound Clam sits on the waterfront patio offering whitefish and oysters, while The White Swan Public House is the 'Radiator’s seafood-oriented sibling' (as described by its owner).

During the autumn/winter season, the 100 Pound Clam welcomes his guests in the space of the larger seafood restaurant that holds - throughout the year - a nice summer vibe with its blue decoration and wooden tables.

You cannot miss the cornmeal crusted rockfish served with fries flavored with dill (a great addition with its fresh and herbal touch).

The chowder is very generous and served on a large plate... it didn't contain any clam (probably not the season), but was prepared with white fish and salmon. Overall it was good and tasty but a bit too salty for my personal taste.

If the sun is up and you work in the area, give it a try! It's a perfect break to recharge your batteries at lunch time!

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