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Reserve cut: elegant kosher steakhouse

In the heart of Wall Street, in the crowded Broad St, 'catwalk' of tailor made suits and fine fabrics, you will find Reserve Cut, a modern and very elegant steakhouse.

The restaurant sits on the second floor of the Setai Hotel in a low lighting dining room accessible after a beautiful wine bottles hall.

The steakhouse is kosher, meaning that the animals are slaughtered by a skilled shochet, properly cleaned to remove any trace of blood and using kosher utensils.

From a flavor perspective, I find the meat having a stronger and more peculiar taste.

For this reason, to enjoy the meat - apart from the steaks - I would suggest to try their burger as well.

The Reserve Cut has an aged, ground prime filet patty, served with beef fat mayonnaise, sun-dried tomato pesto in a brioche bun. Very simple but very honest and straight in taste...

Perfect for people who are mainly looking at the meat when choosing their burger place!

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