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Beograd: the white city

There must be a reason why The Guardian in May and The New York Times in August decided to dedicate their insider's city guides to Belgrade: is it gonna be the new Berlin? A new decadent reference for Europe? A destination for 'affordable hedonism'?

We explored it for you in April: we smelled it, we touched it, we ate it.

We took some time to report because we wanted to be sure to have understood the essence of it... We waited for the lard of the burek to dry on our hands, for the Sava river fish to become crispy in the frying oil, for the rakija to clean our minds.

And doing so, we got ourselves lost in the Sunday green markets, we found ourselves enjoying food in unofficial restaurants and having a great fine dining experience at Enso, one of our most interesting discoveries of 2016, still not fully under the spotlight of the specialized magazines.

Jelovnik in Serbian means 'menu'. Are you ready to order?

Welcome to another chapter of the culinary chronicles by Hungry Italian in Town.

Welcome to Belgrade.

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