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Breakfast at Ljupce's

Good news for our Belgrade travelers!

Upon landing to Nikola Tesla airport it will take you less than 30 minutes to reach the downtown.

Once you touch base, there is not a better welcome than the crispy sound under your teeth, the warm melting grease spreading over your lips, the salty or peppery flavor overtaking your palate and the clean-cut smoky smell going into your nostrils.

The old ottoman emperor has been resisting centuries, strongly holding its winner's title across many bakeries and specialized pastry shops across Serbia. Yes, it the one and only burek!

Probably the most notorious enemy of the weight watchers in the area, but at the same time the favorite snack of all the early birds going to the green market and the absolute must for all those late night owls coming back from parties.

Nowadays, this layered pie can be found with different fillings - such as spinach or mushrooms -, but the two evergreens are definitely those with crumbled white cheese or minced meat (originally 100% beef).

Make sure to get a trustworthy where-to-eat-burek tip from a local, or go directly to Ljupce Mihajlovski, a Macedonian guy, owner of a very small bakery gently saturated by the smell of the oily dough used for his burek.

He will cut it for you, place it on a paper sheet and serve it on a plate. Make sure to collect enough napkins... You will need them!

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