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Tasting the Serbian BBQ

The following restaurant, which at the same time is a food store specialised in selling carefully picked traditional Serbian goodies, is certainly defying the well-known assumption about downtown areas being mainly touristic traps of low-level food.

On contrary, Manufaktura stands for a true culinary gem and the authentic yet refined gourmet place located in the heart of Belgrade city centre with its wooden tables scattered across the street garden, witty red umbrellas hanging from the sky - that once mingled with daylight emit an incredible luminosity -, all the way to its contemporary touch to the traditional interior design, shelfs full of winter stores, meat cuts, cheeses and famous local spirits that make you choose your entrée by simply pointing out your finger, no language barrier whatsoever...

One of many plates we ordered was the famous BBQ specialty that any foreigner will enjoy, while facing an everlasting struggle to pronounce its name – Cevapcici.

They may be small in size but these meaty bites stand for a great national pride when it comes to gastronomy.

Each restaurant or butcher will claim theirs are the best, while aromas may vary due to the meat combination - some make it 100% beef, others mix beef and pork, third add a touch of lard and onion water...

Whatever the case is, a piece of fresh, airy bread and finely chopped crisp onions on a side is a must to accompany these unique mini kebabs and round up the experience of tasting the true Balkan flavours.

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