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Pleasure is kept in small glasses

There is not a better way to quench your thirst but to head off to one of Rakia bars. This chain of charming bars will put you in a big doubt which rakija to order, or in fact make you brainstorm over the 54 different kinds you want to try.

In the eyes of Serbs, rakija stands for an everlasting welcome and farewell drink. An occasional morning coffee companion. An unmissable spirit during gatherings, celebrations, weddings, holidays and funerals.

It can be produced out of plums (the most famous), grapes, pears, apples, apricots, quinces, walnuts, sour cherries, raspberries (although the last 3 are mainly found in a form of a sweet liquor).

The most common mistake many foreigners do is to drink rakija as a shot. No. This super tiny but quite powerful drink (rakija contain around 40.0% of alcohol) is meant to be consumed within several sips, most commonly as an aperitif.

They say a good rakija is the one whose strength gives a warming effect in the stomach, after it sleekly runs through the throat.

An absolute delicacy we tried at the Rakia bar was this 12 years aged barriqué plum one, that has a color of the finest cognac and a well balanced taste that dominates the palate.

Another one that deserves to be tried is the one prepared with 7 different herbs and 2 types of plum brandy. A delicacy!

No matter on the season, Rakia bar is equally visited both by locals and tourists, it offers the biggest selection of rakijas coming from all over the country, and ultimately makes it a must stopover while wondering around Belgrade streets.

P.s. They organize special tours too, so you might want to consider it while planing!

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