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A cheesy ice cream

Ottoman desserts such as baklava or flamboyant Austrian-Hungarian cakes such as Schwartzwald that were brought to Serbia during historical milestones leaving a significant mark on its confectionary industry, are not the only one on this country’s sweet table.

There is also this majestic, flavourful, creamy ice cream served in a small but very cool place named Crna Ovca, which does the in-house production, visible through a transparent wall inside.

The ice creams there are not just high-quality, they also come in unimaginable flavours: parmesan, gorgonzola, sesame, walnut...

We tried most of them but a very special kudos goes to the cheesy ones. Not only are they made out of real cheese, they also bring a new palatable experience, which makes you change your mind set and start thinking about cheese pairing once assembling your selection of gelato scoops.

A definite gelateria place to inspire your minds, tickle your palates and dare you to go beyond your culinary limits.

Crna ovca (or black sheep in translation) offers a range of sorbets and ice creams with both standard and creative aromas that change every day, it is very generous when it comes to tasting different kinds while choosing The one, while the home delivery is something you may also want to take into account once scheming out a home visit or organising an event yourself.

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