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Palermo / 'Heavy snack' at Antica Focacceria San Francesco

Palermo, my hometown, is the second destination of our tour.

The dish we chose to feature is the highest representative of Sicilian street food: the 'pani ca meusa', literally 'bread with spleen'. The literal translation is not fully reflecting the content of this sandwich, that includes also lungs and bronchia! Spleen and lungs are responsible for the soft part of it, while bronchia is there to provide some kind of crunchiness. Everything is first boiled and then fried in the lard.

The one that we tried at one of the most historical places that offers different kinds of local foods is served with ricotta cheese. This particular version of pani ca meusa is called 'maritatu' (married), opposite to the one without cheese, which is called 'schettu' (single).

I noticed that many foreigners have difficulties eating it, but I believe this is something that has to be tried, especially in the 'maritata' version that makes the flavors milder.

Note: the huge pot where the ingredients are boiled is called 'campanaro' ('bell ringer') because of the characteristic bell shape interiors of the veal once removed.

Tips: if you want to experience something even more local, I would recommend you to get a 'pane ca meusa' either at Nino o' Ballerinu, near to the Tribunal, or at Rocky, right next to the entrance of #vucciriamarket. Everyone in Palermo will be able to explain you how to get there.

Ps. I will not have more posts on Palermo as when I'm there the only cuisine that I want to have is the one prepared by my dad, an incredibly talented and generous man, who cooks always with the highest respect for ingredients! It is such a pity that you cannot try it!

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