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Moussy heaven

Here comes a true surprise for all sweet tooth Belgrade wonderers – an artisan but classy pastry shop named Mandarina, located on the outskirt square just next to the main pedestrian zone.

This miniature cakery knows how to use their space well.

The single but quite large vitrine is filled with immensely delicious, mostly mousse-based, mono pieces of cakes, tarts, macarons, meringues of different shapes and most vivid colours you could ever imagine, each handmade bottom up.

While the vitrine will make you stare at it for long until you narrow down your choice to several pieces, the shelf on the side will lure you to take a bite of lusciously looking cookies and finely layered croissants.

If you use your charm wisely, the main pattisseur who is the owner of the place and an ever present character at the store will offer you something to taste for free and ask for your hands-on experience at the spot.

While leaving Mandarina you will bring buttery, cocoa and vanilla flagrancies without even noticing you have collected them on the way.

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