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Noto / Caffè Sicilia, best bar in Sicily

Noto represents the finest example of Sicilian baroque style with an infinity of magnificent buildings spread around the town.

The vast majority of these buildings are religious and the main reason is due to the fact that when the city was completely destroyed by a violent earthquake in 1693, it was rebuilt less than 10 km from the original site with the support of clerk and nobles.

Under the shadows of this yellow architecture, and well located in the main street, the historical and famous Caffe Sicilia, opened in 1892 and managed by the pastry chef Corrado Assenza, a truly Sicilian institution.

In this place, granitas are probably the best of Sicily: accompanied by a brioche prepared with orange and green lemon zest, they are fully devoted to simplicity and to exaltation of the original tastes.

Therefore, it is forbidden to mix tastes (except for a spoon of coffee granita) and the whipped cream is served on a side. Ça va sans dire: almond is a must!


The same 'simplicity' is used in the preparation of all the other pastries. A clear example is the cassatina: a block of sheep milk ricotta, tied in the hug of an almond paste aromatized with pistachio.

No chocolate chips inside, only few small pieces of candied fruit on top, perfectly balanced in sugar: only few pastry chefs would be able to achieve such a result.

That is why Assenza is considered the number one.

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