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Succulent burgers at Miamiam

Here comes an eclectic yet very friendly restaurant.

Being situated in a less quaint neighbourhood, there are poor chances you will immediately spot it, unless if you are heading towards the famous Saint Sava temple, then it makes it a perfect stopover.

Miamiam looks like a river raft placed on the concrete grounds. Its relaxing wooden terrace painted in water-washed colours with yellow chairs, colourful flowers and turquoise tableware add an immediate Mediterranean twist to the set-up, while its cuisine is almost like a world on a single fingerprint.

Some of the main influences are coming from France or India, but also harissa and gouda both found its secret passages to Miamiam kitchen.

Without hesitating a lot, we went for one of the real deals of the menu – the lamb burger.

Being very peculiar in taste, it was interesting to see how the Chef, who is actually one of the owners of the place, will add his signature to the dish and make the lamb craftily blended with different aromas and pieces of medlar.

And so it was. A hale and hearty lamb patty snuggled in between homemade bread bun, accompanied with figs and gouda to harmonize the overall flavour.

A handful of fresh salad with a playful balsamic sauce on a side, a decent potion of cut-to-eat golden crisps and a homemade ginger lemonade to add that pleasantly tangy sensation.


Another very interesting burger was the salmon one, served with a beetroot sauce on a squid ink colored flat bun!

A wonderful and elegant mix of colors and a rich and generous patty for a great fish burger.

The only downside was the chocolate dip served on a side... Too experimental even for our palates!


With all different directions Belgrade contemporary or neo-traditional cuisines are going to, Miamiam has definitely chosen the right one.

Not at all pretentious, but very distinctive, creative and brave enough to stand out and please as many globetrotters as possible, as well as challenge the locals to taste the world on a plate!

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