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Klub Knjizevnika: Revamping the tradition

There are not so many places left in Belgrade that have kept its authenticity and level.

Klub knjizevnika or Writers' club in its original meaning used to gather crème de la crème of Belgrade society, and was considered a well known meeting place of many social, cultural and political debates.

Its cuisine was never too posh or too ambitious, but was always sublime in its realness and taste, and was mainly Austrian influenced.

The times have changed. So as the audience. So as the owner.

Unlimitedly charismatic and energetic person nicknamed Buda who represented the very heart of the place passed away a few years ago, leaving behind a plentiful legacy to the new patrons.

Till this day, Klub knjizevnika has kept on living, while being dressed in a more modern costume.

Today you might not see so many intellectual faces around, but you can still order a plate size Weiner schnitzel, a hearty veal soup, lamb chops cooked in milk, traditional sour cabbage rolls called "sarma", and most likely finish your meal with the most famous dessert this place has been known for.

A light but very dominant creme pâtissier, flawlessly balanced in flavors and craftily made, placed in between two puffed dough layers and sprinkled with sugar powder.

As per tradition, the cream cake is always served as 2 pieces, so if you are more than one person do not even think of ordering one dessert each - sharing has been caring at this restaurant for almost 100 years.


While speaking of the tradition, we shouldn't forget these wholesome green rolls, which once served at the revamped Klub knjizevnika, get a bit of besciamella on a side (not at all the original way of doing).

In any case. Just like other similar dishes that are cooked for hours, this particular one won't neither come with a pre nor after taste.

On contrary, it will simply knock you down by its heavenly softness and genuine tastiness.

A mix of beef and pork minced meat, a handful of rice, a pinch of salt, pepper and powder paprika.

A few bunches of fresh green leafs to hold the stuffing, a bit of onion and oil to give a final touch. The recipe couldn't be any simpler, yet so well taken both by locals and foreigners.

Get ready to dive your piece of bread in the natural juice that goes along, and potentially add a teaspoon of pasteurised diary Greek yogurt-like product you get on the side.

As long as you are a fan of all ingredients, a flavoursome culinary experience is guaranteed, and once again an old proverb confirmed - it is the simplicity that produces the marvellous!

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