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Sarajevski: Dish worth repeating

Finding ourselves in the country of simply irresistible chevapchichi (a minimised version of kebab) we couldn’t resist not to repeat this gourmet experience.

Chevapchichi is one of those types of food where the quality of ingredients and right proportions are the key of success.

Being made from a minced meat mixture, with a dash of onion water, lard and spices and grilled on ideally open fire, chevapchichi do vary in taste depending where you get to taste them.

By chance or by intuition, we discovered Sarajevski that is an absolute Belgrade must go.

The place itself is looking rather polished and snug, while the menu stands for a true Balkan experience where you get some real deal meaty bites served on aluminium plates, tucked in fresh buns, plenty of chopped onion on a side and oriental desserts to sweeten up your stay.

This time we went very basic by ordering 5 chevapchichi in a bun with its classical additions: raw crispy onions and hot spice.

What deserves an extra compliment is the fact that Sarajevski has been there for quite a time, while changing its look to a more decent place over a shack, it hasn’t allowed the very essence of its existence to be destroyed -- that is to serve honest, fresh and flavourful chevapchichi and all its magnificent variations.

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