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Bosnian: Dovidjenja Beograd

To end our Belgrade tour we came to the conjunction of the Danube and Sava rivers.

To a very secret spot known only to locals that won’t charm you by its looks but will still make you fall from the chair for its honest and flavourful food and its river fish caught the same morning.

Partners in life and business, Bosnian as they call him and his wife have been running this reaturant-raft for years, taking care of the food delivery and cooking everything from scratch, while offering fresh salads, homemade desserts (one each day just enough to satisfy the sweet craving) and most importantly – the catch of the day.

After having enjoyed an XL sip of rakjia, start with the homemade hearty fish soup, seasoned with paprika and secret fisherman spices.

Feel free to help yourself with a piece of a biggish slice of bread, and add the hot spice if preferred.

How there is no menu, a simple question about what was in the net that morning will soon define your decision on what to order. Whatever you opt for will certainly be fresh and “alive”, prepared in a very traditional way - the entire fish, slightly covered with flour, is placed on a sizzling iron plate on the open fire and stirred until it becomes golden on each side.

You might want to double your salad, order an additional basket of bread, have some roasted paprika with garlic or potato salad with onion on a side… Just shout it and it shall be served.

The most unique character of this place is its hospitality and genuineness paired together to offer a truly memorable experience.

Farewell Belgrade. We shall meet again.

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