[CLOSED] Luxembourg / Cathy Goedert: Baking bread

Cathy Goedert has probably the best bread in town. Or, at least, the most famous bakery in Luxembourg city.

The shop is located in the central rue Chimay, a couple of steps from Place d'Armes. Its white walls stand out from grey/yellow buildings that surround it, while the black and fuchsia pink on its printed menus and wide glass windows tease passengers to take a long look at the opulent laboratory of Mrs. Goedert.

The oven can bake only limited amounts and the result is often a half empty counter, somehow more similar to the setting of a jewelry than a bakery.

The capacity is mainly affected by 2 factors: - the production of pastries, as the shop is presented to the public as a patisserie...P.S. there are way better pastry shops in town - the office catering that serves mainly wraps (a really questionable choice considering the quality of the bread but it certainly is a cash cow)

Here's my recommendation: go to Cathy for breakfast during the weekend and order some simple slices of the goodie she does the best: bread.

Ask for a seasonal jam and a cappuccino.

Give a large bite to the bread and a sip to cappuccino.

Use your fingers to collect the jam dripped on the plate.


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