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Stara koliba - Čarda: River rhapsody

For all those who didn’t know, Belgrade lies on two rivers.

Being scattered over a big land, not all the time you will see water around you.

This is why we headed off to one of the most renowned places on the river conjunction called Carda Stara Koliba or Old Cottage in translation.

The restaurant looks like a real hut placed on the river, and if you judge by its appeals, it promises an ethno experience.

To our surprise, the cottage has revamped its menu and as they say now serves traditional cuisine with a modern twist (we know, it’s a phrase too many time repeated already :)).

Once you enter, prepare your appetites as the selection includes both sea and river fish, dishes prepared in clay and cooked for long hours, house-made crepes... To pick our treats, we decided to trust very friendly waiters, who stand for true hosts and soul of the place.

As traditional as it can be, with nonetheless a real twist on top; we went for a very common dish made of tender veal meat and homemade long pasta that is baked in the oven for a few good hours.

You wonder where was the twist? In gorgonzola that was added at the very top. An interesting fact: not everywhere the French blue cheese is considered the topgallant. In Belgrade and beyond, people think of gorgonzola as a fancy addition to the meal.

Thumbs up for Italy!

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